Every once in a while, when speaking to a landowner, they will ask me if I would be willing to share with them some of the photos that I have taken of their property.  I always do.

Just this last week I got a phone call from Mr. H calling to thank me for the prints that I sent him.  He also welcomed me back anytime and told me that my photographs were “really, quite impressive.”  Thank you very much, Mr. H.


I will certainly be heading back when the weather warms up.  I want to capture the sunset through these trees.


I have to admit that the withdrawal I’m feeling right now is crazy.  Even though it’s cold, I just want to drive down a dirt road and find something to take some photos of.

During the Christmas break I did just that.  Well I almost drove by one of the most intriguing places I have ever seen.  Lack of permission to enter and snow prevented me from seeking out more.

I did spot this old trailer on what I’m assuming was the old driveway to the property.


I’ll definitely be back for a better look.


The first descendants of this family farm purchased this land in 1908.  It has been in the family for 3 generations.  The land had 3 previous owners and the first recorded land owner was recorded in 1901.


Mr. H’s parents married in 1942 and this home was built for their new family.  They moved to the original family homestead in 1952.  Mr. H doesn’t recall living in the home but advised me that he was told he moved when he was roughly 5.  He has made every attempt to prevent the home from being damaged and vandalized.


The family has been very active in farming and Mr. told me that until a while ago he made use of the graineries on the property but said age and advances in technology made it hard to use and utilize the way he’d like to.  Mr’s parents were the third generation to farm this land and were very successful.  Over the years they witnessed vast changes in the farming industry.  The land was first farmed with horses and threshing machines, they survived the depression and spent their lives keeping up-to-date with the changes in their industry.  They farmed till they passed.


Mr. now lives in the original family homestead which was built in 1886.  In the early 2000’s a two story barn built in the 1900’s was destroyed by fire.  Mr. had hired a mason to repair the stone foundation but the fire was to much for the old building to withstand.



While out cruising the back roads with Makenna, looking for a house, we found some steaks.

This one reminded me of our kitten.


It was a very photogenic animal.   Then this one wandered over and it reminded me of a bear.


This one moved around alot so please disregard the “blur” to this photo.