On Tuesday night I meant to get my camera all set up in the backyard to catch this.

I got busy doing other stuff and figured I’d try the next night. Well a lady from town mentioned on her Facebook that she was out there watching them. So I crawled out of bed and went outside. Partly cloudy. I figured I’m out here anyways so I took a couple shots.

I’m set up again tonight. It’s clearer and hopefully I’ll get something.


This was one of those places where you think you’ve found a couple of really cool things to shoot and it turns out that its the honey hole of finds.

fire truck-2 for email

Another that has been on my to-do list for a long time.  I honestly could have spent more time here and the owner was very kind.

the happy place 1 email

So this will be another one of those posts that is mostly photos and not a lot of info.  I’ll try though so its not so boring.

blue car for email

At one time this yard had a huge stone barn that was the home to cattle.  As the barn started to fall apart due to age, the cattle were moved out and the yard became more of a hang out.

car 2 for email

I was told a story about this place.  The people that hang around here with the owners says its one of their favorite memories of all the time they’ve spent here.

car for email 2

The yard site looks like it could be a gas station.  This is more so because of the collectibles there and the way the yard is set up.  I don’t think that I would ever assume there was gas available here but….

car for email

So a family pulls into the lot, asks for a fill up.  The wife asks to use the washroom.  The owners and the guests advise the family that while it looks like a gas station, there is no gas but they can help with the rest room situation.

Happy Place 2 email

I’m told they still laugh and reminisce when they tell that story.

happy place email

I spent a lot of time out in this yard walking around.  I thought I was coming to photograph this car and the firetruck, which were easily accessible so I wasn’t wearing very good shoes.

no front end car-2 email

While there, I took the time to start playing with the settings on my camera and changing the exposure, etc.

penner truck-2 email

It didn’t hurt that the clouds were perfect that day.  When we moved away from the cars there was a shelter with some trucks behind it.  The buildings blocked a lot of the sun which gave me a different effect and allowed me to play around with more settings.  I’m not very confident with all the different settings I can use so this was perfect.

pink car email

I am no car expert but I’m going to say that a majority of these cars were Pontiacs.  What’s left of the emblem on the back of this car also gives it away.

pink car-3 email

truck for email

I’m not sure if I had a favorite vehicle from this location.  There were so many of them.  Most of them were parked side by side and a lot of my shots had the front or back end of another vehicle in it.  Or behind it.

green truck email

Over the last few months since I’ve taken these photos I have picked and played with my favorite shots.

truck with push bar-2 email

This was a great experience and I enjoyed the opportunity to photograph the treasures the land owners had at this place.


A couple weeks ago, no more like a month ago, Makenna and I took the side by side down the highway to a little spot where I spotted some cars and stuff.

We found some trucks and cars and cars and lots and lots of lady slippers.  Lady slippers make me think of my Grandpa.

We found this beauty and texted Grandpa to see if he could fix this up for Makenna.  We figured 4 years notice would be lots of time for him to get it going.  He said it was a stretch.

Makenna with lincoln email

Anyways, here is a collection of some of the photos I took that day.  You many not notice but the clouds were glorious that day!

another car email

car -2 for email

Car 2-2 email

Car from behind_1-2 for email

ford 1- truck email

I actually find myself looking for roofs and vehicles now.