Yesterday after PD, Colton wanted to head down to the USA to pick up his mail. I used this as an excuse to have take out for supper instead of cooking on a Friday.

I’ve driven by this place a couple times but there is no was no way to get in with crop on the field and yesterday I didn’t feel like knocking on doors to find the landowner and settled on a road shot.


Earlier this week, on my way to work, running a tad bit behind, I came to the infamous bay in my small town to find this.

Of course, I didn’t have my Canon, so iPhone, through the window was what I settled for.

Can’t say I’m at all disappointed with this amazing sight.


Who doesn’t love this time of year, and all the stunning colours Mother Nature shares during this season.

And the perfectly calm waters on the bay in town and your bound to catch an eye appealing image.


Born in Jugovka, Samara, Russia, in 1905, Peter and his family moved to Siberia when he was four years old.  Fluent in both Russian & German, Peter and his family moved to Canada in 1926, settling in the Margaret area.

Unrau yard 1 email

He married Elizabeth in 1944 and for a few years they rented land in the Minto area.

Unrau yard 2 email

In 1948 they bought this land and lived here until 1971.

Unrau yard 3 email

They raised two girls on this farm and upon retirement, moved to Boissevain.

Unrau yard 4 email

I stumbled upon this place while driving around aimlessly in the area.  The sun was just going down and every angle gave me different lighting.

Unrau yard 5 email

It was a beautiful night but the skeeters were AWFUL and my family kept calling, worried that I had fallen in a well or rotten old floor.  To add to my fear, I have now been told that an old house I’ve been waiting anxiously to photograph and just got permission for, has wild boars living across the road in a wooded area. Ya, that’s not scary at all.



All Spring I tried to get this bird. And it won every time. Until yesterday when I spotted it (I want to call it a him) on the public dock and went home for my camera. When I got back, gone. But I knew it didn’t go far.

While taking a photo of the die hard fisherman and the Killarney water ball, he, see I did it, it flew out of the trees, over my head and just over the top of my Jeep.

I don’t like this photo because of the tree but I got the bird, in a half ass decent shot, in flight.

He then settled on the shore of the bay and let me take numerous shots. I sure waited a long time!

There were many to choose from, including several with its reflection in the water.


Over the weekend we had a nasty winter storm with approximately 40 cm of snow. It was windy and miserable. How the ducks and little birds and migratory birds that missed the memo to go before the storm arrived, survive, is beyond me.

On our way home from supper I spotted the Heron on the public dock at the beach so I sent Hubby home for the camera and back we went. I didn’t find him right away and when I did, this little guy waited patiently until I noticed him, then left.