It’s not often I’ll stop for an old barn. On this day I decided to stop for a roof I spotted a week before. I didn’t have permission so road shots was all I could get.

There was some other smaller building on the property but I wasn’t convinced it was a house and I couldn’t get a good shot of it without trespassing, which I won’t do.

This barn and the sky was good enough for me. It is heavily occupied and the tenants let me know that they were aware of my presence.


If you live where I live, you’ll know this house because there is a good chance you’ve passed it on a road trip to Winnipeg.  An easy capture from the side of the highway.  And a bonus, on this particular day, it wasn’t raining.

little white house on #2 email.jpg


Last weekend, the Northern Lights were reported to be highly visible in our area. I thought this would be a good time to check out my new 50mm lens that I bought specifically for night shooting. I got my gear all set up outside, checked and double checked my settings and then waited.

The sky was full of stars and I was hopeful. I could also see the Milky Way to the South.

At about 12:30 am I went out and took my last shots.

I didn’t get the greens that everyone else did but I’d say it was an okay attempt.

Clearly, night and star photography is something I need to work on.

That and photo editing, which I not a fan of but am coming to realize is something I am going to have to embrace if I want to take my photography to the next level, so to speak.


I have been keeping my eye on this place since I found it.

I was given permission to enter after the crop had gone in and thought I’d wait. That and the grass was a bit to high for my liking, given that I have a fear of wells.

On this particular day, the clouds were something else so I thought I’d drive by after I cased out another house on my list that turned out to be nothing.

This place has quickly become one of my favourites. This is completely unedited in anyways and truthfully, I was shooting in auto, something I’m trying not to do!

I am told now the crop is off. Guess I’ll be seeing this one again in the near future.


We travel highway 2 in our province, a lot. I have driven by the barn many times. I don’t stop because I do not like hydro lines and I am not proficient enough in Photoshop to element them.

It was miserable outside, we had just driven through a storm and like any other road trip, I had hauled my camera gear around and not taken a photo. So, I stopped.

Some of you will know this barn.


I’ve passed this barn a million times.  Barns aren’t really my thing but I thought I’d stop and see what I could get.  I couldn’t get very close but thought this was a pretty decent shot nonetheless.  I think with summer coming to an end and with the limited amount of shooting I’ve done this summer, I’ve decided I have to stop at whatever I see.

red barn on highway 2 emailRegardless, I like the gold of the cut crop, the faded red of the barn and the blues in the sky and the contract they make together.