Cade is the best searching partner. He sees things I’ve driven by before and have missed.

Last Fall he took me to a house that I’ve wanted to photograph for a long time and the owner called to tell me he was burning it down the next week. I took Cade with me because their have been wild boars spotted around the house. On our way home he found this house. We stopped roadside and found the owner who gave us permission.

This little car was in amazing shape.


On one of our many trips to the Iceplex this summer, we passed this yard. I was thrilled when I finally got permission to shoot. There was one issue, a dog, whom I was told would likely ignore me.

I enjoyed the ability to do some editing. I was shooting away, scanning for the dog when all of a sudden I heard the voice of my darling child screamed “dog”. He was still laughing when I made it back to the Jeep. He told me I move fast for an old girl.


I took this photo two summers ago. I came across it this summer and thought I’d post it. I didn’t think it was anything special but it got my a feature on Instagram’s Raw Abandoned page.


Our municipality has a local flywheel club that is run on a volunteer basis. Every year the members have a parade and a designated weekend where they can show off all the work they’ve put into the tractors over the year.

The clouds on this day were amazing and so Makenna and I checked out a couple locations that day to take advantage of it. We visited a yard full of old Fords, an old favorite of mine that I visit every year and this place.

This summer I discovered that I really do like shooting the old vehicles and equipment and wish that in previous years I had paid more attention to that old equipment in the yards we visited. Over the winter I may have to go through all my old photos and find the cars, trucks and other goodies that I ignored.