Earlier this week I put up my first display at our local library. It was hard to pick photos as many I thought weren’t worth printing! I’m my own worst critic.

Not sure what will come of it but I’m willing to sell prints or maybe get some leads to more abandoned homes to photograph and hopefully some more followers to my blog!


Another shot from my morning ride.

The prairies never disappoint when it comes to sun rises and sunsets.


Tucked away in the little town I work in is this old home. I can still see items in the windows, from the road. It’s obvious that the home is vacant although I have seen one of the towns residents emerge from the trees before.

Last week with a heavy frost on the trees, I decided it was time to capture it. As seems to be the norm lately, I have zero history of the home!


This old bridge, which I have photographed many times turned 100 years old in May, 2017.

That same winter we had record breaking snow. In the Spring, the usual trickling creek that runs under turned into a rushing river, with water bursting out of the culvert and ice beating against its old pillars. I wasn’t sure how it would stand up to the beating it was taking and took for another couple weeks after.

Yet here it stands, two plus years later .


Same morning, minutes apart. Same camera settings. All I did was move from the front of the Jeep to the back which blocked more of the sun shining through the bush around on the property.

Love this little old house. And the sunrises we’ve been experiencing this past week.


Earlier this week, after a weekend of freezing rain and heavy fog, we woke up to a beautiful, pastel sky!

Mother Nature is amazing.


When I first started working in this small town, I’m sure I could see in infamous Buffalo which signifies our provincial government. I was sure at one point this must have been a small post office or some other important building.

When I called to ask, many years ago, if I could have a closer look and get the okay for my son to metal detect, I was told by the owner and local post master that this was the town’s hardware store.

One of these days I’ll explore it more closely.