Located in what used to be known as Bernice, Manitoba in the RM of Two Borders, this little school is located right on the side of the highway.

While heading to Saskatchewan this past weekend to see my son, this school was conveniently located and I didn’t even have to get out of the Jeep.

Bernice School No. 547, which was established as Gould School, operated between 1888 and 1914. In 1914 it became Bernice (Berneice) School and operated as such until 1965 when it then became part of Napinka School No. 2369.


The Bluevale School District was established formally in July 1901.  It was replaced by a new structure and opened officially in November, 1960.

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The school closed in 1967 and the building stood empty until being sold and moved to the Lake Max area to be renovated into a private residence. A metal sign commemorates the school at its earlier site.

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The school seen many teachers over the years.  The building I photographed is likely the second school house built in the 60’s and it is not in the Lake Max area.

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