Last week I stopped at this nest to try and get a photograph of this Momma.  I didn’t get a shot worth sharing so today on our way out we stopped again with the hopes that I could catch one of her snowy, white owelettes.

No owlettes today, unless she was hiding them really well to make sure the wind didn’t knock them out of the tree.

owl for email

My husband has eagle eyes and spotted this nest while driving.  Good eye Hon.


The orignial owner of this land came to Canada in 1881 from Kingston, Ontario and I am assuming, built this home.  The family moved into the home in 1882 with they raised 7 kids.

IMG_9391 email

Many more families would rent this home and land and raise there families here as well.  The home continued to be resided in up until 1980, which is the last recorded date that I was able to find.

I will make the assumption that the home was lived in later than the 80’s given the PVC windows.

The yard was very soft and spongee and not knowing what I was in for – I usually ask but didn’t when I called yesterday – I did not know if there were any wells that I needed to know about.  I was also told that the home is known to be over run with masked bandits so I really wasn’t interested in taking a further look.

IMG_9403 email

What drew me to this house orignally was the brick fireplace outside.  From the road I thought the house had stone pillars.  When I pulled into the yard yesterday I found the stone stove/firepit near the driveway.

IMG_9394 email

I would have liked to explore a little more.  There were some out buildings and I would have liked to get some better photos of the front of the house but I didn’t want to bother the eagles anymore.  When we left the driveway, Dad was waiting for us high in a tree, giving us the stare down.  Oh and the noise he was making is not what I would expect out of an eagle.



 The Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg is the home of Stanley & Stella, two Stellar’s Sea Eagles.   A large bird of prey originally described in 1811.  A large eagle with dark brown plumage & white wings which feasts mainly on fish and water birds. It is on average the heaviest eagle on earth weighing in at 11 to 20 lbs.

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