A couple weekends ago I finally got myself inside this school.  I don’t know what it is that keeps me going back.  One thing for sure is that the sky always looks fabulous in the background.  It never disappoints.


Once inside I tried to envision the very first Christmas concert with family & friends peering through the windows to get a better look.


And of course what is an abandoned exploration without me finding a shoe!


Such a neat old place with so many of the old settlers having played some sort of role as trustee, contributor or student.  Love that its still here to be a part of history.


This school in the RM of Prairie Lakes  opened its doors in 1982 and closed permanently in June of 1972.


This is what the building looks like now in 2018.


The school is nestled on a little hill in the middle of a farmer’s field.  If your looking far and wide and in the right area, you will see it.


Miss A.L. MacLachlan was the first teacher at this school was paid $35.00 a month for her term position.  She was given 5 months training to become a teacher.


History surrounding the story of this school tells that the schools first concert was a huge success and in fact, so many people attended the concert that there was no room inside the building and parents and town people watched the concert through the windows from their horse carriages up against the side of the building.


Due to a drop in students registered at the school, the school closed for a period of time from Fall of 1939 to 1943.

The school held district social events, dances, card parties and concerts.

Unfortunately we were denied permission to enter this property so road shots it is.  I’m sure I’ll be back as the backdrop is spectacular.