I spotted this one on one of our many trips to Winnipeg this summer and finally stopped one evening to get a couple photos.

The first descendants of this family, namely Sam, arrived in Ontario, Canada in 1848 from Ireland because of the potato famine. The family moved to Manitoba and upon their arrival formed the district of Londesboro #114.

His Grandson Clifford and his wife would later obtain this land where their children were born, including their son George who was born in this home in 1931. He lived here with his wife Valerie for 61 years.

In 1992 their son and his wife moved to this farm but later moved their herd to another location.

I would love to find a photo of this home in its prime. I would imagine that it was quite grand. When I first pulled up to it, I wasn’t entirely sure that it might not be a school.


I found this house this Summer, on the way to the fallen house.

email 4

This I stopped again for a look around.  From far away I thought the “brick” on the house was asphalt siding.  It was real, red brick.

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Oddly enough, the brick is only missing on the North and South sides of the house.  I did not have permission to enter the house but was happy with the exterior shots.

I could see from a distance, two Corel coffee mugs hanging on the side of the house.

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On the property there was also an old stone foundation but I couldn’t tell what it was.

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Again, I could not find any history on this house.  I do know that the first registered owner was George Robinson who claimed this land in 1894.  He sold the house 6 years later in 1901 to the Towns family.