So in April I attended a course put on by Chris Atrell.   He had me take my camera off auto and push buttons.  I sat through the theory part of the course but did not attend the night shoot as I did not have a tripod.  I figured I had taken enough away from the evening and that when I was ready, I would do the course again and learn the night photography part of it.  I went away excited and ready to figure out this camera once and for all.

I spent a few evenings at the beach taking photos of the sunset and the birds.  I could play with my exposure and depth of field and all the other buttons and it wouldn’t matter what happened.  So that’s what I did.  I hauled my bag out and sat there with a good friend who shares the same interest as me but her too, never has had the time to learn the ins and outs of her camera. We bounced ideas off each other and different settings.

If you’ve never been, sit with Chris through one of his courses, his photography is incredible, to me anyway cause he to loves the old abandoned houses. He has so many tricks for night photography and he sure knows how to find all those old abandoned homes. The thing I really like about Chris is that he delivers his information in a way that doesn’t scare you, it excites you and it makes you want to try and do what he does.  He walks around the class, checks to make sure you’re where he is and if you can’t figure it out, he’ll do it for you.  I think the other thing that I liked about him is that I was interested in what he was interested in, the abandoned homes, etc and as I said, he delivers it in a way that is easy to understand.

The course also made me want a new camera.  My SX60 HS is considered a point and shoot camera but it has an amazing zoom lens.  The lens would cost a fortune to buy alone.   That being said, a point and shoot is still limiting in its aperture settings and much more. It’s not a bad camera by any means but I knew a DSLR would hopefully let me go to the next level, if I could get there. I had to see what I might be missing by not having a DSLR.  I found an older Rebel with the lenses I wanted for a good price so I bought it.  I told my husband that I would sell it if it didn’t work for me. Well I like them both and I do find that I use the Rebel more than I use the SX60, sometimes. I think that if you know what your camera can do and you know how to use all the settings, it doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have, you can get good shots.

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