This “quaint little church” was built in 1913.  It was built as a Methodist Church but little consideration was given to denomination.  Settlers who attended the Church included Russell’s, Arnott’s, Mitchell’s, Nay’s, Rigby’s, Fisher’s, Smith’s, Lamb’s, Mustard’s, McKnights and Kerr’s amongst others.



Andrew Stewart was the first minister of the Church and Dr. Allison was the longest serving minister (10 years).

The local ladies groups raised money for the Church by holding fowl suppers and making quilt squares to sell  which raised $400.00.

Many weddings and funerals were held in the Church as well.

It closed in 1972 but was still used for 4H Achievement meetings, family gatherings and UCW meetings.

Considering its over a hundred years old, I would say its in remarkable shape.  Being relatively new to this hobby, I did not venture inside so, I will go back and I will have a look to see what the inside is like. The outside has also been well-maintained given it is age and its exposure to the harsh, cold winters on the praries.

As you can see the sun setting from the West makes for a beautiful picture in very quiet country.

A night shoot is a must.

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