A couple things I can tell you about this school is that it is on private property.  I do not believe that it is the original school on this property but I am pretty sure that this particular school was built in 1913 and remained open until 1966.  When the kids were moved to another, larger school this building was used as a community hall.  The school served as an educational center for the district, and also hosted concerts, church services, dances, and youth group meetings.

The land for this school was donated by early school trustee J.P. Morgan and the school was later named after the small town himself and his wife came from in Ottawa, Ontario.


I loved all the little handles and window closures in this building.


My favorite photo of the day though has nothing to do with an old building.  Reg’s wife joined us on this excursion even though she is not feeling well.  I got this picture of Reg’s two favorite girls.

REg car.jpg


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