I have to thank a fellow abandoned seeker for this one.  Had I ventured out a little further while scouting out a nearby school, I may have found this one myself but…after a quick phone call to the landowner we were in.  Cade, Colton and Makenna joined us on this day.


What a beautiful old home.  It is surely showing its age but considering where it is its done amazingly well.  This side of the house, which faces North, is pretty secure, except you can see the wear in the far corner.  The rocks are starting to fall and tumble down.

The other side tells a much different story.


Imagine the weight of that stone.  And not just one layer of stone but two!


I would have loved to explored the inside of this home but it was very unstable and my dear husband was having NO part of that.  We did go inside the one entrance and Reg did try to get up the stairs but it just wasn’t safe.

I did find a shoe.


I can’t give a lot of history on this home.  I do know that the oldest recorded residents of the home were Lewis & Mabel Kilmury.  They purchased the land and lived there until 1952.  During their time there they raised one son and four daughters.  Lewis was born in the Boissevain area in 1900 and died in 1966.  His wife was born in 1907.  In 1952 the land was bought from a family and a couple generations later, still farms the land.

I wish I knew more!


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