We had a great day here exploring around this huge yard.  The beautiful old stone home nestled into the trees, almost out of sight.


As far as old stone homes go, this one is in almost impecable condition.  The wear and tear comes from where an addition was added on and in a section of the roof that likely started to leak over time and has now leaked onto one wall.  From the main floor you’d never know there was anything going on upstairs.

The home was full of beautiful woodwork, ornate handles and stuff.


I wonder if they left in a hurry and left this behind?


I don’t know a whole lot about this property so I can’t tell you very much.   I am told that the owners of this land moved this house to their property with the hopes of restoring it.  They did do that and the home was used as a summer cottage.  The husband fell ill and the renovations to the home ceased.

I can say that Reg and I spent the good part of a couple hours here and I’m sure we didn’t see everything it had to offer.   Reg knows the lady who owns the property and was gracious enough to let us have a look around.

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