The family whom this land was farmed by for many years came to the area in 1891. The two brothers purchased land of their own and traded one another for their land.  When the land owner married he homesteaded on another piece of property but kept this land until his passing.  The land was then farmed by his son after serving in WWII.  Very proud of his families farming heritage and having farmed he same land for over a 100 years, he wanted to ensure the land stayed in the family so he gave the land to his nephew.


I was convinced when we were first there that this was the home of a bachelor given that the shop was attached right to the back of the house but this isn’t the case.

The house currently on the property was moved their later and was used as a granary.  It was moved here from another section of land.


In its time this was a big, beautiful home.  The inside still have the railing that surrounded the staircase on the second floor.  At the front of the house behind the staircase was a big window that overlooked the prairies as far as the eye could see.


In 1997 the Historical Society of Manitoba presents the family with a plague for their family in recognition of their 100 year ownership.


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