In 1926 this land was purchased by its 4th owner!  Over the years, the quarter sections were owned by different owners.  Mr was born on the Island of Mull in Scotland.  They were community orientated and involved in the King’s United Church, Community Fowl Suppers and the Margaret Rink.  The two brothers were avid curlers.  I can’t say for sure if the family actually lived in this house but I’m going to wager a guess and say yes.


The youngest brother enlisted with the Canadian Army during WWII serving overseas in the defence of London during the Blitz of 1942.  He was stationed at Woolwich Arsenal.  At one point he was reported missing in action which turned out to be a mistake.  He returned home and farmed until his death in 1991.


There were many outbuildings on the land and my guess would be that the family had many horses.

A lot of old farming equipment could be found throughout the property as well.


I very much enjoyed our venturing around this property.


What a beautiful piece of property with amazing prairie views.





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