So I’m a glutton for punishment and self criticism!

I took the family out armed with glow sticks, tripod, camera and Uno.

The boys set the lights, I picked my spot, focused and started to wait.

Well wouldn’t your know it, a grain truck is coming right for my camera in the middle of the field. So much for focused to perfection!! Ah.

So I set back up and try my best to focus back in with the headlights of the truck and 3 inpatient family members. Little do they know, we’ve got a long wait cause it’s not dark enough yet.

So we wait, I kick some ass at UNO – no I didn’t, Cade actually won the first game.

So I get out and take a couple test shots, check the focus, which is virtually pointless in the dark and wait.

After all that, this…

I realize now, fast moving grain trucks in fields are not ideal and I need a little more moon on my night shooting expeditions.

By the way, my kid has crappy aim cause I didn’t want a glow stick in the eavestrough!

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