The H family came to Manitoba in the Spring of 1890.  The family settled in the area, his wife and 6 children.  In 1900 one of his young sons married, during a double wedding ceremony, with his sister and both settled on different sections of this land.  The siblings lived out their lives farming as neighbors on this section of land in the heart of Boissevain-Morton.


The son played a role in the organizing of the East Lynne School District in 1904.  They belonged to the Ninga Methodist Church where Mrs. played the organ.

Water was always an issue on the farm.  Water was hauled in barrels from another section of land.


In fact, one year on a hot July day Mr. had been working hard for days breaking sod and took a drink from the nearby slough.  He ended up with typhoid fever and was bedridden for weeks.  Luckily his sister-in-law was a newly trained as a nurse and nursed him back to health.


In 1938 the government paid for a 120 foot long by 60 feet wide and 14 feet deep well.  The farm never saw a dry day after that.


They were kind and generous people who in 1931 adopted a six year old boy.  The boy was only to stay with them for a couple days.  He became an integral part of their family.  He joined the World War II and returned home in 1945.  He unlike his siblings moved to the Virden area while the rest stayed in the area.


Mr. suffered a major heart attack in 1941 and was not able to work again.  He passed away in 1952.  Mrs. passed away in 1968 at 91 years of age.


Two of his children then took over the farm until 1971 when they passed on the farm to their Grandson.




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