Mr. W was born in Cornwall, England in 1854.  He came to Canada and settled in Ontario. He found love and married his missus.  In 1881 they came to Manitoba and settled on this property.  The first home built there was a log home and then in 1896 this home was built.


In 1883 a school was built on the SW corner of his property.  It was moved in 1902, 2 miles North.  Mr. W also owned the local Canadian Elevator in 1913 but it burnt down in 1917.  It was valued at $7,000 but he did not carry insurance.

His youngest son A, born in 1896 loved having the school close to home and at 5 years of age he would go to the school at 3:00 p.m. and sit with the teachers until school was dismissed.


A married M in 1921 and lived on the farm.  M raised 50 ducks, geese and chickens every year.  She kept them in the coop during the day in incubators and at night time she moved them into the house until the warmer weather arrived.  There was evidence of one or two buildings that could have been chicken coops.

The raised 3 children on this farm, too.


A & M’s only son, E born in 1938, started to farm with his Dad in 1953.  He married W and they had two children of their own.  They purchased the farm from E’s parents in 1966.

We found so many outbuildings and different machinery on this land.  I especially loved this old wheel the the tree it was resting upon which claimed it.


E & W had one son whom still farms the land but lives nearby.  It was K & H that granted me permission to photograph the property and have asked me for copies of the photos that I take for her Mother-in-law as a keepsake.  I hope that the photos I have taken can do justice to the memories they must have of this farm.


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