On the way to a property Reg asked me to take a turn to “check something out”.  Off we went down a muddy, not maintained, gravel, not lets call it mud, road to a barn we could see in the distance.  I’m sure I’ve seen this before but when I didn’t see a house, I didn’t make note of the property.  Its a good thing we had the Jeep cause it was muddy. Well all the mud was worth this stop.


The house was gone and all that was left was the stone foundation, the fridge, freezer, a couple pieces of furniture and many, many knick-knacks.  I found several kettles that day.

In a metal/glass pile away from the house I even found what was left of an old gravy boat.  I found it fitting, considering it was Thanksgiving weekend.


Mr. D. C’s father was born in Perthshire, Scotland in 1856.  They moved to Ontario in 1876.  D was born in 1877 and helped his father farm the original homestead purchased upon their arrival in Manitoba.    In 1926 he married E and they lived on his father’s land for 4 years.  Then in 1930 he purchased this particular piece of land and started building the barn and the other buildings.  D was a member of the Oddfellows Lodge.  He was interested in the education of his children and served as a school trustee for the nearby school district.

A, D & E’s youngest son remained on his father’s farm after his retirement.  He had helped his father farm the land his entire life, even while going to school.  As a youngster is played with the local fastball team as well as the local Linament League.


One of the neatest things about all the exploring I’ve been able to do is when I get home and look over my pictures and then start researching the family only to find that I actually have a photograph that helps solidify the facts that I am reading and researching, like these baseballs.

There were many outbuildings on the property and some old equipment.  And just my luck, an old wooden door knob – I love old door knobs and latches.


I loved this little old building tucked away in the trees.


And of course, this old cart.


A was the second generation to farm this land.  I am told that this original home that stood on that old stone foundation was moved to town when Mrs. left the farm and was put up near our town school.

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