My dear husband and son found this place for me a couple weeks ago on their way fishing.  After a quick phone call I was granted permission to have a look and received an invite to check out another place when I had time.


The home is now in the middle of a pasture and on that day we were visited by a very vocal mare.


Behind the home was a large body of water that was likely a source of water for cattle and now, the mare.  I was told by the current land owner that his friend lived her and was actually knocked into this water by his bull, knocked out cold and drowned.


We did find an old barn and a piece of old equipment which was really neat.


This was a neat old machine.


I really liked how the setting for your different grains was attached right to the machine for your easy reference.


I have done some searching on this family and the property but have come up empty handed.  I won’t stop though and if I do find more info, I will be sure to add it.



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