I came upon this home driving around down the back roads one afternoon with the girls. I do recall that on this day we made many finds.

I headed home and started calling around for permission.

Mr. & Mrs. M were married in 1890 and came to the area and purchased this section of land.  It remained in the family until 1996 when another family took over the land to farm it.  A small section of land is still owned by descendants of this man.

Mr. & Mrs. M had 3 sons.  One married and raised his own daughters on this land.  He had been farming the land on his own since he was 17 years old when he father passed away.  The youngest, Stafford went away and joined the RCMP but later came back to farm the land with his brother and mother.


One of S’s daughters stayed on the property and was the third generation to farm this land.  It was her pride and joy.


I have to admit that I wasn’t happy with my photos of the house as there was a hydro line running right across the front of it.  You can see from this photo though, where the photo of the family in the car was taken.


D’s passion was horses.  Following in her mother’s footsteps she started raising purebred Tennessee Walking Horses.  Evidence of this love was all around the home and this barn built in 1916.  Horses were purchased from D and sent to Minnesota, Montana and all over Canada.


This is another one of those homes where they left but knew they were going to keep coming back.  Everything is inside.  You could move right back in, except age and time won over and the floor has given to the test of time.


There was no way to get upstairs for a look but I imagine that this home and property was stunning in its time.  Except for the floor, the home stands tall.  The curtain from this upstairs window kept blowing in and out, inviting you inside.


This property is truly a timeless treasure.



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