A couple weeks ago, in a storm, I spotted an old barn right off the side of the road that I hadn’t seen before.  Not sure how I missed it as this is a well traveled route for us.


As you would expect, the building was full of “Keep Out” signs.  The condition of this old building and the signs led to a discussion about abandoned farmsteads and trespassing.  These photos were taken off the road and no one can stop you from doing that.    But the topic of trespassing is grey, in my opinion.  At the end of the day, don’t go on if you don’t have permission.  And if you do go on and you do get hurt, that’s on you.


I would imagine that while this property was running, it was a nice spot with a nice little ravine behind the barn, granery and the house.  And the wide open spaces.  And oh so close to the highway.


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