In April, 2017 the spring melt began. For those of you that don’t recall, we had crazy amounts of snow that year and a record 7 or 8 snow/storm days. On my daily commute to work I pass by this old bridge that is no longer used but at one point in time must have been a very busy passing for farmers to the small nearby town of Margaret. Given the amount of water flowing through what is usually the dry valley that runs under the bridge, I had to walk down there and see it for myself and take some photos.

When I got down there I discovered the monument which identified the bridge and it’s age. 100 years old in just a couple of weeks. To hear and see the water moving under that bridge for yourself was surreal and to think that this bridge could withhold that!

The bridge is still used as a foot bridge by the residents of a nearby colony but you can clearly see that time is slowly taking over. Large sections of the rail are gone and it is hard to navigate the top of the bridge as the majority of the bridge is overgrown with grass which makes it hard to see the drain holes.

Regardless, 2 years later, this bridge is still visited by many.

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