On this particular day out adventuring, there were a lot of animals, animal smells and animal sounds.

It started with two very curious horses watching our every move around the property across the road from them. They were nosey horses! And vocal too! On our venture closer, I could hear coyotes as well. I’m sure they ar active right now being calving season is surely upon us. My question is, are they this vocal during the day? And of course, the pungent smell of a spring skunk who was also exploring on this glorious warm, sunny day.

The highlight though were the oodles of deer, perched up on a ridge watching us while more gathered. They were coming from all sides. It’s nice to see them out and about after the terribly cold we had. Forty seven days is what I heard. I don’t dislike the deer that some feel over run our town.

Hopefully this Spring I’ll find a fawn and get some good shots.

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