I am told that there are a lot of elk in this area. Like moose, elk put on a lot of miles in a day so just because they hang out in a location for a day or two doesn’t mean you’ll see them there again for a very long time or ever, for that matter.

A couple of years ago on our way to work, a friend and I saw a large herd on highway 23 heading west. We didn’t see them again until the Spring. We were lucky enough to see them in the Spring because of a bail they found and decided they were going to take care of it before they moved along. Well it didn’t take them long and of course once they moved along we didn’t see an elk for a long time.

On the morning we spotted the big herd, all we had were our cell phones. What a sight to see. I can’t begin to imagine how many elk were in that herd. And many cars stopped to get a look at them.

The other day I thought I spotted 5 way out in a field but I wasn’t entirely sure that they weren’t big horses either.

Well a couple nights later, Colton and I were out and about looking for a school and we spotted 5 elk in a field. Of course they weren’t willing to let us get closer so I could get a better shot and of course there was no time for tripods and switching cameras.

They are still magnificent beasts. Birds and wildlife photography, in my opinion, require a ton of patience which I don’t have or luck which I am lacking too.

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