There’s a good chance that this home may look familiar to you.  I have been here 3 times now.  The first time I stumbled upon it with Makenna just as the sun was setting and I had one camera and one lens with me.  And honestly, the house creeped me out.  Makenna wouldn’t even get out of the Jeep.  A few months ago I went back for another look and made my way through knee high snow for a closer look.  The resident skunk let  me know that he was around by giving off his pungent aroma as a warning.  I went again this past weekend when I could wander around for some better shots.

I have to admit that I am slighting disappointed on the lack of history I can find!  I love the picture taking but I love the research too.  So, I can tell you that the first family to own this property was originally from Plymouth, England.  They came to Canada in 1850 then returned to England only to return again and settle in Ontario.

In 1890 John came West and chose this land as his farm.  He worked all summer and fall repeaing crops planted by earlier settlers.  Help walked from Souris to work the land in this area and grain was taken to Brandon by oxen or horses wherein the driver walked at least one way.

John returned to Ontario and in 1891 he married Mary-Ann.  They left for Manitoba on a colonial train, bringing with them a rail car load of lumber for a home and barn.  They also brought household furnishings, two cows and some horses.

IMG_9424 email

I’d like to think that this might be one of their carts, tucked away in the trees.  There are actually two there but the other one isn’t in as good condition as this one.

IMG_9431 email .jpg

The front of this home is very over grown and a good photograph is hard to get from any angle.  Its so overgrown in the front there just isn’t a good spot to get a shot without trees or branches.

IMG_9443 email.jpg

The second owner of this property,  PA being approximatley 47 years of age,  purchased this home and property with his wife.  Four short months later he died of a heart attack at the age of 47.  It is said that he lived a full life.  Born in Grigejewka, Russia in 1920, he moved to Manitoba with his parents at the age of 6.  He was only 11 years of age when his father passed away and at the age of 16 he and his mother took over the family farm.  He married in 1941.  purchased their own land in 1949.  They had 6 children.

He served on two school boards including the Turtle Mountain Scchool Division and was a member of the Gideon Organization for many years.

The back of the home is not as exciting and of course, this is where I can get the best shots.  I must admit that the open back door was very welcoming but aside from an old metal picnic like basket, there’s nothing inside to explore as the floor is caving in and is not at all safe.

IMG_9434 email

As I mentioned, the first time I set my eyes on this house, it kind of creeped me out.  I explored it alone this past weekend and I certainly did not get that feeling.  Its actually very peaceful and beautifully treed.  The back of the house was easily assessible with a large shop and off just into the field were two more outbuildings.  I’m sure this was a truly, beautiful home in its prime.

IMG_9432 email



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