For sometime I have been contemplating the purchase of this lens for many reasons.  First off, eventually I am going to run out of abandoned homes in this area, secondly, I love wildlife and thirdly, I wanted it.

I have been seeing all sorts of photos online of these amazing bird shots and I developed a severe case of lens envy.  I know that its not the camera and not the lens that makes the photos!

I found a good deal on one before I left for B.C. and decided that I did not want to go there without it in case I saw whales in the ocean or bears while up on the gondola.  I had it shipped to my parents place and it was there when I got there on Saturday evening.

I did a lot of searching when I decided I was going to take the plunge.  No one is selling these lenses.  I tried to rent one while in B.C. but most of the rental places were to far and the rental rate was a little high.


Its heavy but not heavy enough that you cannot hand hold it, which I did with my first day out with it.  I will need to buy a monopod to get the best I can out of it though.  I also need to purchase a new camera bag.  While it does have its own case that fits inside the bag I’ve been using, its not ideal.

And not only that, it comes with its own manual which is okay for days like this when its too hot to go out.  Good day to read and get ready.

As I get aquainted with it and learn how to use it properly, I’ll write more.

Its so big I feel like I should name it.

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