Last week after training Colton and I headed to the zoo to check out the stingrays.

We did not check out the entire zoo, just the bears and the stingrays and the gift shop.

We have pet stingrays in Minneapolis before so we knew what to expect. The stingrays at the zoo were not as sociable as the ones in Minneapolis.

As you may have heard, earlier this year the mating stingrays, who are apparently aggressive during their season caused the exhibit to be shut down until the could figure out a solution and prevent further deaths and injury.

The separated the males and females in the large pond – for lack of a better word – with a plastic type grate.

On our way back to the bears I thought the sky looked good and for this shot of the Inukshuk at one of the entrances to the Journey to Churchill.

Traditionally, Inukshuk’s were used by the Inuit in the north as directional markers. An Inukshuk is designed in the shape of a person signifies safety, hope and friendship. Inuksuit have been transformed into a symbol of hope and friendship that transcends borders to reach people all over the world.

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