Born in Jugovka, Samara, Russia, in 1905, Peter and his family moved to Siberia when he was four years old.  Fluent in both Russian & German, Peter and his family moved to Canada in 1926, settling in the Margaret area.

Unrau yard 1 email

He married Elizabeth in 1944 and for a few years they rented land in the Minto area.

Unrau yard 2 email

In 1948 they bought this land and lived here until 1971.

Unrau yard 3 email

They raised two girls on this farm and upon retirement, moved to Boissevain.

Unrau yard 4 email

I stumbled upon this place while driving around aimlessly in the area.  The sun was just going down and every angle gave me different lighting.

Unrau yard 5 email

It was a beautiful night but the skeeters were AWFUL and my family kept calling, worried that I had fallen in a well or rotten old floor.  To add to my fear, I have now been told that an old house I’ve been waiting anxiously to photograph and just got permission for, has wild boars living across the road in a wooded area. Ya, that’s not scary at all.


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