Cade & I found this house in April.  I settled for a road shot, made a note of its location and started the search for its land owner.  I couldn’t wait to get closer for some better shots of this house.

IMG_0190 for email

I went back a couple weeks later and the crop was already sprouting so I decided I would wait and not attempt to cross across the crop.  I would wait until the Fall.

One late Summer day the sky was fabulous and since this isn’t far from my house I went for a ride to take some more photos.  This is a completely unedited shot.  I LOVE this photo.

fallen house email

This weekend, I went back and she’s gone.  All that’s left is a small pile of rubble where she used to stand.  Tonight while searching the history of this property, I didn’t find much and really can’t confirm anything except to say that the first land owner took possession of the property in 1894.  6 years later land owner number 2 took over.

I’m happy that I didn’t find anything more as not getting closer kind leaves its history as a mystery that will always keep me wondering.  I’m happy for the shots I got though.

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