Since finding the Snowy owl around Christmas time, I tend to drive down the backroads looking up now.

Yesterday on the way back to Killarney from picking up T, I thought I’d stop again to take photographs of this old barn.  I have taken photos of it in the past but I was itching to take a photo of something.

IMG_2519 barn 2

T and I spotted it right away.  So I got the long lens on and had a look.  It had its back to us.  I framed my shot and honked the horn.  This could only go one of three ways.  It would turn, it would fly out or heaven forbid, it would fly into the barn.  It turned.

owl in barn 2527 for email

It stayed until we left.  I discovered today that I need to do a lot more expermimenting with my long lens to get the quality of shot that I expect from myself and the lens.  I do realize that the longer the lens the harder it is to get the sharpness that I want.

There’s a good chance that this owl has a nest nearby.  The Great Horned Owl breeds in January and is nesting by February and March.  By the time the migratory birds return to the province, somewhere nearby, there will be a nest full of owlets.

I hope to see this one again, soon.

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