This little service station, close to the border, has had many owners over the years. The first recorded owner does not mention his time owning the shop and the second owner mentions a time when he was employed there restoring antique vehicles.

In 1952 Mr. Smith purchased the station and over the years it became a “sound venture with complete engine building.” Mr. Smith’s hobby of restoring antique vehicles gave himself and his wife much pleasure and he tried very hard to keep his popular little service station known in the small town which was slowly declining in population.

Mr. Smith had a fondness for Hudson automobiles and attended Hudson meets all over North America with his wife Barb.

He employed 3 men who catered to customers on both sides of the 49th parallel.

Do you think this old car might be a Hudson? I think so.

There were many old vehicles on this property. Some were very hard to photograph because you couldn’t get a clear shot of them because they were parked beside a building or their was a building in the background, etc, etc. Regardless, here is what I got that day. It was hot, sunny and the landowner had a very sketchy looking rooster who I was afraid to turn my back on. He never took his eyes off of me while he was hunkered down in the tall grass.

I’m thankful that not everyone plows down their old buildings and scraps their old cars and equipment because I’m not sure what I would photograph.

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