On the way to Moose Jaw, I spotted this out of the corner of my eye – the disadvantage of having to drive.

It instantly reminded me of the old house along Highway 2 that the scary movie was filmed at.

So the next morning I was up before the sun and decided I would head out there before Colton woke up. Upon my arrival I realized that it wasn’t as abandoned as I thought it was and I think it might still be occupied in some manner.

I took a quick ride around to the back and found this old barn but it was hard to eliminate some of the new equipment parked around it.

I was happy to find these old vehicles on the lot though. I didn’t get out though, one, because there could be dogs wandering around and we all know how I feel about dogs and two, it was early in the morning.

The cars were just kind of everywhere so there was no real clear shot of any one of them. And there were more but there was only so much I could do roadside.

If I were to get out this way again, I think I would head back to this location and see if I could find someone to get permission to get some more shots.

I am now convinced that Saskatchewan has a lot more abandoned properties than Manitoba and if I were ever to move, rural Saskatchewan would be high on my list.

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