One afternoon during dinner (lunch), I was scrolling through Facebook and had a notification. My neighbor Kristine tagged me in a post. The post was for these old cars listed for sale. Kristine thought she would tag me in case I wanted to photograph them before they sold and I’m very thankful she did.

By the time I got home from work, two of the cars had been sold and were being moved that weekend. So Cade, Makenna and I headed out there.

The current owner of these cars owns a beautiful stone home, which they still live in, on the land her ancestors purchased some time ago. They are moving in the spring and she asked me if I would come back and take photographs of the house and the farm as a keepsake.

I told her I would love to and that I would be back in the summer time to capture her family farm.

One of the cars was sold to a friend of a friend who plans on using the car as a photography prop.

My shooting time was limited as we had a little bit of a drive after work and we had to beat the setting sun.

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