While the boy was away, he’s been to the Fairmont in Banff a handful of times. Each of the times he’s given me a bit of a tour. Of course the historic hotel was what I really wanted to see, not Banff itself. I wasn’t really interested in the shops as most of it is junky souvenirs. Although the shops in the hotel had beautiful jewelry and art.

So after the boy got the Yukon parked in tiny lot and we paid for parking, off we went. They are currently filming a movie at the hotel and in the area so there was some congestion around the front of the hotel but nothing serious and it was still pretty easy to navigate the area.

I cut off the bottom of the hotel because of the barricades and people. Within a few minutes we were inside and I was ready to explore. I absolutely love how they have modernized all of the original fixtures. The detail in these items is amazing. And the furniture they have is something else.

It was hard to get a clear shot of the staircase as there were many people passing by this area. This is not the staircase that the “Ghost Bride” died on. There are numerous stories as to how she died so you’ll have to google her story to read more.

I didn’t realize until we got “home” that we were able to enter all floors of the hotel to look around. I’m a little perturbed by my whole Banff experience and wish the kids and I would have done this trip on our own as my own kids understand how much I love this stuff and were willing to entertain me going up useless staircases and taking pictures of old stuff.

If I were a guest at this hotel, I’d park myself in front of one of these windows and enjoy a good book and a drink. What a view.

Another part of the hotel I enjoyed was a section on the second floor which displayed photographs from when the hotel was built, some of the first guests and a special menu that was created for when the Royal Family came to visit. I did not photograph any of those things as many of the items were behind glass and I wasn’t sure if I was allowed.

Then we headed outside. I believe this is the Bowness River. As we were on a time limit, we didn’t take in any of the hiking or activities offered. There are numerous hiking trails and places where you can rent bicycles.

Then we headed to the “strip”. The boy ditched us to hang out with his friend who declared that I was behaving like a “typical tourist Mother” so Makenna and I did the tourist thing and looked at all the trinkets in the stores including the Christmas store which was very cool. Then we shared a Beaver Tail while we watched the people stroll by.

Next time I go to Alberta I want to get to Emerald Lake. While Banff was nice, this spot was very touristy and busy. I would like to go further into the mountains next time.


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