When I photographed this house, I never expected to find anything interesting about it. In fact, I wasn’t even going to look but I thought what the heck. Well, the first registered homesteader was James Fraser! Of course I instantly thought of Outlander. James Fraser was recorded in the history books as taking ownership in 1895. Of course, I could find nothing about him. The second owner, purchased in 1901 was from Ivernesshire, Scotland!!

Albert and Ada married in 1903 and this was their land. Together they had 5 children. History says that Albert came to Manitoba in 1889 and worked for the local implement dealer. He became quite successful and retired in 1892. Upon his retirement Albert and Ada bought a fruit farm in Victoria, B.C.

After a few years in B.C. Albert heard of the hard times on the prairies of Manitoba and decided to head back and and “get his farms on a paying basis”. Things were going well until the 30’s and many of their groups were deemed worthless. On top of that, Albert sustained an injury wherein he was gored by one of his bull from his large herd of Hereford cattle. Albert was very proud of his herd but the injury would lead to his death. Albert lived a couple months after his injury but his lungs were so badly crushed that he eventually developed pneumonia and passed away in April, 1932.

Three years later Albert’s land produced good crops from the rains the prairies were receiving. One of Albert’s sons went on to work at the elevator in Elva.

Upon our arrival at this property, we weren’t sure what we were going to see. It was a long walk up the drive and I kind of had a feeling there would not be much to see. There were a gazillion grasshoppers along our route and these were the only two photos I took. I’m happy we stopped and I’m happy that I took the time to find a little bit of history on this place.


Before Christmas Colton and I headed up to Birtle for a hockey game.  I thought I would take highway 83 as the 511 app showed good highways and I figured this would eliminate the zig zagging on the highways.  Well, it was icy and the closer we got to Birtle, the foggier it got.

house on 83 Melita 2 email

This was a real piss off as I had hoped to get some photographs of the old residential school for an upcoming unit at school AND I was going to head up to an old stone mansion about 20 kms from the rink.  Nope.  Mother Nature had other plans.

house on 83 Melita email.jpg

I did find a lot of potential photo ops along the way and did stop for a couple shots of this one as it was right alongside the highway.  This is also when I discovered that the highway was very icy, even though it didn’t look like it while I was cruising along.

I didn’t even bother to look up a history.