Before Christmas Colton and I headed up to Birtle for a hockey game.  I thought I would take highway 83 as the 511 app showed good highways and I figured this would eliminate the zig zagging on the highways.  Well, it was icy and the closer we got to Birtle, the foggier it got.

house on 83 Melita 2 email

This was a real piss off as I had hoped to get some photographs of the old residential school for an upcoming unit at school AND I was going to head up to an old stone mansion about 20 kms from the rink.  Nope.  Mother Nature had other plans.

house on 83 Melita email.jpg

I did find a lot of potential photo ops along the way and did stop for a couple shots of this one as it was right alongside the highway.  This is also when I discovered that the highway was very icy, even though it didn’t look like it while I was cruising along.

I didn’t even bother to look up a history.

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