First thing I must add is that this building is on private property.  So if you happen to find it, please be sure that you get permission before entering onto the property.


The first school district this school was built for was organized on May 16, 1885.  Trustees were appointed and the school was built for $500.00.  When the school opened in 1886 the first teacher was Mrs. Rae Richardson and the enrollment was 17.  It consolidated with a bigger school district in 1968.  The last teacher at the school had 7 students.


After I’ve visited a site, I needed to know its history.  Sometimes I’m successful, sometimes not.  This school was and is still well known for its baseball team.  I was fortunate enough to find plenty of info in the town’s history book.  The teams that played out of here were very successful and good.


I imagine myself back here one night when the sky is clear attempting to take night shots of this history filled building surrounded by stars.  I must also say it looks amazing with the sunset in the background.

I love this old school and the landowner has welcomed me to keep taking photos here.

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