This school is located on private property.  Most of my fellow abandoned seekers will know this location and have more than likely been to this site already.

This school district was established formally in the Spring of 1885 and the first school was built for a minimal $440.00. The first name requested for the school was Maple Leaf but it was rejected as another school was already named so.  There were 10 children enrolled in the school and the first teacher was Mr. Thomas Atkinson.  A new school was built in 1905/6, the old one being remodeled as a house which was completely destroyed in 1942. The present school building dates from 1906, when a one-room structure was built of concrete blocks, a building material unique to the early twentieth century.  The district was dissolved in January 1967 and at one point the school was said to be used as a granary.


I don’t know a whole lot about this property except for what I have found online and through the town’s history book.  I found out about it many years ago from my neighbor who attended the school and posted a photograph of herself in front of it on her Facebook page.  She told me the location and for many years I had the info tucked away and finally went there in May to check it out.


I wish I could have seen this place when the bell tower was still attached.


This is another place that I will revisit as my experience grows.


This is another site that I will revisit and reshoot.

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