This is probably the house that truly started my obsession.  This was Reg & I’s first outing together and I really had no idea what to expect. Reg says my expression was priceless as we rounded the driveway and I finally spotted the house through the trees. For days afterwards I went back to this property just to look at it.   We had permission to enter the property & home.  I was surprised that homes like these are still out there.  That they are being preserved.  That land isn’t been broken from corner to corner for fields.


For the sake of keeping this property secure and free of further unwelcomed visitors, I won’t reveal the name of the property owners or the ancestors who lived there.  I was lucky enough to get a bit of the history on this place and even know of some of the later renters of this home.

I will mention that the home is now occupied by raccoons who do not appreciate unannounced company or company at all.

After parking and taking some shots from the outside I make my way toward the front door.  To my surprise, I see this old player piano!!  Not long after we visited this old beauty, someone was there, moved the cover on the keys back and didn’t move it back.  The keys were exposed to the elements even more than they already were and the keys were ruined.  So very sad.


I then made my way, hesitantly I must say, because I truly am a bit of a chicken shit, through the door.  This was a whole new experience too!  I had only ever taken photos from the road.  Now I had permission to enter!!  I didn’t know where to look or what to take photos of.  I was in awe.  The first thing I see is this staircase.  I wanted to see the railings that were attached.  You instantly start to picture how you think this house looked before everyone left.  Before the windows broke, before the masked bandits took over.

I take another step in and around the corner to what was what left of a stone fireplace across from a bay window.  I start to imagine the furniture that may have been inside, where they put the Christmas tree.


As my make my way around from the fireplace and the living room I step into what I imagine was the dining room.  This leads into the kitchen and in this kitchen is an old stove.


We make our way up the stairs, I’m hesitant of what critter will greet me as my head pops up above floor level.  We come up to the bathroom, the tub and toilet are still there.  And a shower curtain!  The upstairs is where the new tenants spend most of their time.

This was also where I found my first purse.  Every house I stepped foot into that day, I found a purse.  Being respectful, I didn’t open them to see if there was anything inside.

From upstairs I can look outside the 3 big windows out of the front of the house, in the area that hangs over the veranda where the old piano now stands.  What a beautiful yard this would have been.


This was the homestead of a family that still farms in the area. The home was later rented out and is used by the local kids to hang out and party.

I love, love, love this old house.  I think its still one of my very favorites.

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