The Fairdale School District was established formally in May 1883 and a frame school building was erected in what is now the RM of Killarney-Turtle Mountain.  In 1897, the schoolhouse was moved by a local family to where it last stood and was later destroyed by fire.   It closed in January 1968. Available information suggests the former school building was used as a granary and was present at the site as recently as 2005.  A Manitoba Historian attended the site in October, 2011 but all that was found during the visit were some fire-charred wood fragments and the bricks from its chimney. A rock monument nearby commemorates it.

Among the teachers of Fairdale School were A. L. Davidson (1883), Irene Arnott (1911), and Mrs. Devona Kentner (1967).

Unfortunately, this is all that remains of Fairdale School.



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