In 1888, John Menarey (1850-1928) moved to Manitoba from Seaforth, Ontario. Arriving with his wife and four daughters, they settled on a farm near Holmfield, Manitoba. He broke land for growing crops and built a log house and barn on a small hill with a prominent view in all directions. A son and four more daughters were born there, and all would eventually attend school in the area. In 1910, this house, constructed by a local mason was built.  It featured field stone walls and a metal mansard-shaped roof. Menarey sold the farm in 1920 and went to live with one of his daughters in Winnipeg whee he died on January 20th, 1928.

The former Menarey residence now sits abandoned. It is a designated historic site and is listed on the Manitoba Historical Site.

June 3 2018 (3).JPG

I can tell you that the current owner of this property is not a fan of trespassers.  We were granted permission onto the property and entrance into the home.  When we went back about a week or two later, he would not allow us to go inside a second time.

This is also where I found my second purse of the day.


This is also where I found out what a terrified baby raccoon sounds like when its calling for its mother!!!  I can tell you that I navigated the steep narrow staircase like a ninja.  I didn’t think I could move that fast on a dirty, narrow staircase.

This is a beautiful old home which is structurally sound considering it is standing out in the wide open of the harsh elements of prairie weather.  Heat, rain, wind and bitterly cold winters.  The metal roof has maple leafs imprinted on each panel.  The detail is amazing.  Each room was painted in a different color.  It had a spacious upstairs and out the windows you could see for miles over the flat prairies.

If you find this home, please do not enter the property without permission.  It is surrounded by a “hot” fence.



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