Strange title for an abandoned home.  But its an accurate reflection of the story of the unwed daughter of the widower that lived in this home.  Miss M was left on the shelf, unmarried, living and caring for her elderly father in this abandoned home.

Her family originated from Ontario and in 1922 after her mother’s death her father moved the family to the area.

The family moved to this site in 1929 and spent 40 Christmases here.  The father made use of the wood on the land making neck yokes and handles for axes & shovels, etc.  They had milking and beef cows and a lush garden.  Mr. M sowed his last grain crop of the age of 80 years old.  Shortly afterwards, himself and Miss M moved to town because of his ailing health.


Miss M. lived in this home with her father and I am told that on occasion she would call ahead to the bus garage and make arrangements to be picked up at this home and get a ride to town in the AM when the kids went to school.  She would spend the day in town running her errands, attending her appointments and who knows what else.  She would then return home, on the bus, with her bags and belongings in tow and get dropped off back at home.

We did not have permission to enter this home but could see in the front porch/veranda area.  Inside the windows I could make out a light fixture hanging from the ceiling and there were curtains still in the window.


I am positive that if I had gotten into this house, I would have found my second purse of the day!


Further inspection of this little home showed that it was truly showing the signs of wear, age and abandonment.  The one wall on the far side is caving in which is why this veranda hangs so.

I wonder if her father made that handle on that shovel in the background, by the chair?

I love how this little bachelorette was taken care of while taking care of her father.  One phone call and she was assured a safe ride to and from town and then she would return safely home.

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