This old house made us work for a look at it.  After at least a 1/2 mile walk through a field we reached the edge of a very treed over property which we were told may be inhabited by elk.  When we first started on our trek we could JUST see the roof of this old beauty.  This house is also memorable to me as it was the first trip my son went on with us and I think he really enjoyed the adventure.  He wasn’t interested in taking pictures but he liked the exploring.


On our trek through the field I found a very old horseshoe.  I hauled it all the way to the house and all the way back.  One day I’ll find something to do with my treasure.


I wish I knew more about this house. I do know that it was amazing and is definitely in my top 5 for places we have been.  At one time this would have been an amazing house. The bay window, the big rooms, the banister that led up the stairs, the woodwork all over the home.  A big kitchen.  While I didn’t go upstairs Colton and Reg did.  The floor was very unstable and I could see them through the floorboards.  I can also tell you that the masked bandits also enjoy this home as well and I suspect that they may share the home with skunks.


I loved the there was still a piece of curtain blowing in the window of the bay window which would have had an amazing view when the home and property were in its prime. The home was surrounded by lilacs and along the back of it had a tree line which would have and still protects it from whatever Mother Nature has to offer.


I need to find out more about this old house.

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