Wow.  I think those might have been the exact words out of my mouth.  We were granted permission onto this property but were not allowed entry into the home.


The land was purchased by ancestors in the late 1880’s and is still farmed by the family.  I will also mention that the property is surrounded by a hot fence.  We were also told that many years ago a tornado came through this property and the roof sustained some damage.

This home is built a little differently then the other stone field homes that we have been to.  This one has the stone made into a block and then the blocks are stacked one upon another.  The corners had different color bricks around them as well as over the window.  There was no significant damage or wear to the home except the usual crack of mortar between some of the stones which would be normal.  The home had a beautiful old door on it with a wood door handle.  What a sight.

It was a scorching hot day the day we were invited to this place but that didn’t stop Reg and I from exploring all around the land.


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