We didn’t plan this stop for the day but when we realized the landowner was home we figured we’d stop and see if they would allow us to visit the property.  We were lucky enough to get a tour and the history of this old farm.  The current owners of this property helped and cared for the gentleman that owned this land and when he passed they bought the property and since then have done much to maintain and preserve as many of the buildings as they can.  The Mrs. is also a photography buff and attended the same Chris Atrell course as I did.  We talked about going out together and  sharing in this passion.


As many people have trespassed on this property before and at one point even left a gate open with horses in the yard, I will not post a lot of pictures so that I don’t give to much away.  I can’t stress enough how important it is not to trespass onto these properties and when you ask, most of the time the owners will allow you to enter.  If we aren’t respectful, we’ll ruin it for each other.  That and heaven forbid that someone gets hurt in the process.

I will tell you that at one point lightning struck this beautiful old barn and horses that were tied up in stalls were killed as a result.


This is a gorgeous property and the sense of pride you get from the owners is amazing.


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