One of the girls from my work showed me this property so I arranged for permission to take photos and have a further look around.

The land owner thanked me for asking to enter the premises and advised me that we were free to take as many photos as we wanted, we were not allowed inside the house.

He told me that a few years back, the family of the original descendant came from B.C. to see the house as one of them was born there.  The family immigrated to Canada in 1926 and moved into the area in 1928.  They were born in Russia and lived in Siberia for a period of time as well before coming to the area where they settled down and farmed and raised their family.


You can see from this photo that shows the side of the home that the roof is still relatively intact but the weight is starting to weigh on the walls of the home and it has some funky leans and curves.


The inside of the home is starting to heave inwards and while there is a big staircase up the side of the home that is intact, the floor is not.


Unfortunately the home has been used as a hang out and the kids have graffittied the wall, etc.  There is still various pieces of furniture inside and the rooms were painted different colors.  I like to assume that like kids these days, they picked the colors they wanted but Reg assured me it was likely that color of paint that was one sale at the time!



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