Our next stop of the day was another find I discovered.  Another one I had been driving by on a regular basis and didn’t even realize was there.

We pull up and what flies out of the window?  A turkey vulture.  It sat on the barn for a couple minutes and then flew around screaming at us for a few more.  When it realized we weren’t leaving anytime soon it disappeared.  We did not find any snow white babies in this house.

When I first posted about this home I was not sure about the history.  I can now tell you that the first recorded landowner purchased this land from the CPR in 1896.  They arrived from LaBeauce, Quebec to the treeless prairies vast with inexpensive land.  The father died and is buried in St. Felix Cemetery in 1908.  He and his wife raised 6 daughters and two sons, most of which moved away from the Province and two daughters whom stayed and lived in Dunrea.  The original home on the property was sold in 1912 and became a convent.

The first ancestor of this family to arrive in North America settled in Quebec in the early 1650’s.

I also do know that a friend of ours has lived in this house at two different times in his life, once as a young adult.  He did tell me about some of the things he did in the home which were still visible and he asked if a particular item was still in the kitchen, which is was.  My understanding is that the last residence of the home were farm hands of the current land over.

This property was then owned by another big family from Dunrae.  I am not able to get an idea of when this house was built or by whom.

This house is SO treed over it is crazy.  We walked around the entire home and when we found the door we have to crawl over a tree to get inside.  You could not take photos of the front of the house.  Nature has worked very hard to take this place over again and has almost succeeded.


The home still had beds inside, a dish towel hanging on the cupboard door, a hat on a hook in the closet.  There was a shower curtain still hanging in the bathroom and pictures on the wall in the living room.


The home was beautifully designed.  It had a large kitchen with what appeared to be some sort of cooking area in the front.  It has fallen apart and we couldn’t access it but from the upstairs looking down you could see cupboards and a sink.  There were 2 bedrooms downstairs and then you went up this staircase to this open area.  Upstairs were two bedrooms and then this little room with a low ceiling to the back of the house which was likely used as storage.  Can you imagine the view out that window?

There were a couple of outbuildings and a large barn which I will assume was for dairy cows as well as other outbuildings and sheds.


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